2019 Integrated Report

MOTOR & HOUSEHOLD R27.5 billion cumulatively allocated to members over the last 10 years When we say there’s more for you, we mean it. The bigger your portfolio with us, the bigger your Profit-Share. With our new PPS PRO-FiT platform, you can use the PLAYZONE to explore how you can get more from PPS with our Profit-Share simulator. R618.5 m R541.2 m R225.7 m R153.6 m R134.7 m R1 456 m LIFE COVER PERMANENT INCAPACITY CRITICAL ILLNESS LUMP SUM DISABLITY EXIT PAYMENTS R2.0 billion 2011 2010 2012 R3.7 billion R6.6 billion R10.8 billion R14.0 billion 2013 2015 2014 2016 R16.2 billion R18.9 billion R22.7 billion R23.3 billion 2017 2019 2018 R27.5 billion R3.7 bn TOTA L B E N E F I T S PA I D UP 18% FROM 2018 SICKNESS R619.9 m HIGHLIGHTS 22 | PPS INTEGRATED REPORT 2019