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Can you afford the costs associated with illness?

The PPS Critical Illness Cover is a lump-sum benefit that pays out should you or your child ​suffer from a trauma, physical impairment or critical illness condition (for example cancer or the loss of a limb).

PPS critical illness cover

Pays a percentage of the chosen cover amount, depending on the severity of your medical  condition.

PPS critical illness core 100% cover

Covers the 4 most common critical illnesses (Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) at 100% irrespective of the severity of your medical condition. The payout of other critical illnesses depends on the severity level of your medical condition.


PPS critical illness CI 100% cover

Covers all critical illnesses at 100%, irrespective of the severity level

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Critical Illness Cover product features

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At PPS we have simplified our definitions and claims criteria, making it easy for members to know exactly what conditions are covered and how they will be assessed. We believe in giving our members choice and flexibility, and have three options that members may select from, depending on the type and level of cover required. The benefit pays out a lump-sum amount depending on the severity of the condition. e.g. stage-4 cancer would qualify for a 100% payout, whereas stage-1 cancer would get a 25% payout. To determine the severity of certain conditions, PPS will use a Functional Ability Table, which measures your ability to perform certain functional tasks.

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All options include great key benefits that automatically apply from day one.

Product Benefit2

Child critical illness benefits

Automatically covers the member’s children aged 4 months to 21 years for all conditions covered under the product and pays 10%, up to R 200 000, per related condition.

Optional Benefits

Additional Benefit 1

CatchAll benefit

Adds a benefit category covering any severe condition not covered under the listed categories. The benefit is payable at 50%, 75% or 100%, depending on the impact of the condition on your functional ability.

Additional Benefit 2

Pregnancy complications cover

Pays out a lump-sum benefit if you suffer a medical complication as a result of pregnancy.

Conditions covered

• Cardiovascular     
• Blood
• Neurological
• Trauma
• Kidney and Urological
• Transplants
• Cancer
• Musculoskeletal
• Gastrointestinal
• Visual
• Connective Tissue
• Respiratory
• Ear Nose Throat

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