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Intro Title
Your income is your greatest asset

The PPS Sickness and Permanent Incapacity Benefit is designed to replace or supplement your monthly income. When you become totally or partially unable to work at any time during your career due to sickness or injury, PPS will cover you.

Choose your premium

Choose between premiums that remain the same, or that escalate following your birthdays, for the duration of your benefits


Choose period of cover

Choose between cover that stops when you turn 60, 65, 70, or that continues for as long as you continue to work


Choose waiting period

Choose between benefits that start paying after you are booked off for seven days, or 30 days

Cover total earnings

Include bonuses as a salaried employee, or include business expenses as a self-employed professional

Access to Profit-Share

Direct profit allocation to the PPS Profit-Share Account

Benefits Title

All options include great key benefits that automatically apply from day one


Product Benefit1

Sickness and Actual Business Expense Benefit

When you suffer from an illness or medical condition, we cover you for up to two years while you:
- recover
- adjust your usual professional duties 
- change your work methods

Product Benefit2

Pregnancy-Related Sick Pay Benefit (automatically included)

This breakthrough benefit for PPS members was born of research and insight into the complications our members might face during their pregnancy. The standout factor is that, if a member is unable to attend to her usual duties due to sickness or a complication attributable to pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriage, PPS will pay this sickness benefit. This ensures that a member is not disadvantaged at a time when she is most vulnerable.  Learn more about this benefit here.

NOTE: The sickness must meet the normal claims criteria i.e. it must be medically justified, the member’s benefit waiting periods (for both the sickness benefit and the admission rider benefit) apply and must be confirmed by a gynaecologist/obstetrician.


Product Benefit3

Permanent Incapacity

After a sickness claim has been paid for an accumulated 728 days, and you are still totally or partially unable to attend to your usual professional duties, the Permanent Incapacity Benefit will kick in.



Additional benefits

Additional Benefit 1

Permanent incapacity booster

This benefit automatically increases a partial Permanent Incapacity award to 100%. The monthly payment will never be reviewed by PPS, and is payable until you reach the chosen retirement age.​​​

Additional Benefit 2

Family responsibility rider benefit

Take time off work when family members are hospitalised or use funds to cover additional non-medical costs due to the hospitalisation of a family member.

Additional Benefit 3

Admission rider benefit 

Provides funds to cover non-medical expenses if you are hospitalised for four or more days and unable to attend to your usual professional duties.

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