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The PPS Foundation was established in 2016 primarily to improve access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields and contribute measurably to the sustainable development of South African communities, through PPS’s ethos of mutuality and shared success.
This we do through various programmes that:

  • Empower school leavers with the necessary financial assistance, skills, competencies and knowledge to help them access tertiary education and academic qualifications;
  • Enhance job-readiness and skills to ensure that students qualify as professionals, leading to them becoming self-sustaining and economically empowered professionals;
  • Offer bridging programmes, tools and mechanisms for beneficiaries transitioning from secondary to tertiary education, and from tertiary education to the workplace.


PPS Foundation Annual Report 2020


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Through our Bursary Programme, University Support Programme, the Professionals Connect portal, Graduate Internship Development Programme, LEAP work readiness programme, and our Employee and Member Volunteerism Programme, we’re nurturing the potential of South Africa’s youth.

And by donating to the PPS Foundation, you’re not only helping to educate future professionals, you’re helping to empower the minds that will move this country forward.

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You’re creating a legacy that will outshine and outlive all your achievements, and the more of you there are, the greater the difference we can make.

Donate to the PPS Foundation today by visiting https://ppsfoundation.pps.co.za and help educate future professionals. PPS Foundation is a PBO, so you qualify for a tax deduction when you donate.

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