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PRO-FiT is a simple way to take your overall member experience up a notch digitally with PPS. Through PPS PRO-FiT we will elevate our interactions with you, amplify our service levels, and give you tools to see how you can increase your Profit-Share Account.

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PRO-FiT is a continuously evolving platform with new features and capabilities constantly being added. Check back here frequently to see what new features we have added to improve how you interact with PPS digitally.

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Current features:

  • View and amend your personal details
  • Have a holistic view of all your products held with PPS.
  • Manage your current product portfolio.
  • Request products you don’t have with PPS.
  • Download your latest Profit-Share statement.
  • Access the details of your accredited PPS financial adviser
  • Simulate the future state of your Profit-Share using the PLAYZONE tool, which will enable you to project the value of your Profit-Share at the time of your retirement.
  • Take advantage of discounted rates from our value-added partners.
  • Access self-service functionality.



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