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Adviser Introduction Section

The PPS Group has over 77 years’ experience in financial services and in excess of R34.9bn in assets under management as at 2018. As an accredited PPS adviser, you join an elite group of advisers serving a niche, prestigious market. PPS focuses exclusively on the graduate professional market and since PPS is a mutual company, all PPS profits and investment returns benefit members who are qualifying policyholders, through the PPS Profit-Share Account.

Becoming a PPS accredited adviser enables you to offer PPS’s vast range of distinguished product suites and services including Life, Sickness & Disability, Fiduciary Services, Savings & Investments, Short-Term Insurance and Specialist Support Services.

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The benefits to you include the following:

Access to a comprehensive range of tailored products to offer simple yet sophisticated solutions for your clients’ financial needs, throughout their life

A client base with low unemployment rates, resulting in high retention of business

A constant flow of business opportunities. Every year more than 25 000 students with qualifications eligible for PPS, graduate, of which more than 15 000 become PPS members requiring an adviser

Providing a service to among the highest earners in South Africa. PPS’s monthly premiums are also more than double the industry average

An opportunity to participate in the lucrative Premiums Under Advice model, which promotes and incentivises advisers to service and manage their PPS client base. To learn more about this model, click here to watch the video, or click here to download the brochure.

Persistent and consistent premium payers.  PPS’s lapse rate is less than 5% (industry average is over 9%) and the average lifetime of a PPS policy is 26 years (industry average is 7 years)

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Our Life Solutions offer tailored policies to meet the specific needs and lifestyles of our members

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They give you a number of ways to help PPS members, including:

The flagship PPS Sickness and Permanent Incapacity Benefit, which secures our members' earning ability

Accelerated and stand-alone lump sum disability

PPS Professional Life Provider

PPS Professional Disability Provider, a stand-alone lump sum benefit that pays out should you become unable to carry out your professional duties

PPS Critical Illness Cover that pays out should you or your child suffer from a trauma, physical impairment or critical illness condition

PPS Lump Sum Disability

PPS Education Cover assists your child’s future education needs if you pass away, become disabled or suffer a severe illness

PPS Accidental Death Product pays out to your nominated beneficiaries, or estate, should you pass away due to an accident

Term and whole life policies

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Adviser Product Intro 2

Financial peace of mind is attainable when you choose the right partner and appropriate solutions for your investment goals. PPS Investments, the investment manager within the PPS Group was established in 2007.  By investing with PPS Investments, investors are not only assured of the highest investment standards, but also earn a portion of the PPS Investments profit allocation as qualifying PPS members. 

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Solutions you’ll be able to offer include the following:

Investments for retirement, including the PPS Preservation Fund and Personal Pension Plan

The PPS Investment Account, which lets investors structure a customised investment portfolio, tailored to their individual requirements

Investing tax-free through the PPS Investments Tax Free Investment Account

Managing retirement income with the PPS Living Annuity

Accumulated profits in the Vested PPS Profit-Share Account can be utilised as part of your long-term financial and retirement strategy

Long-term wealth creation through the PPS Endowment Plan

The PPS Investments OPN range gives clients that do not qualify for PPS membership the option to link qualifying OPN investment solutions to a PPS member of their family (child, spouse, life partner or parents), allowing them to earn additional profit-share allocations

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Adviser Product Intro 3

We have one key objective – insurance for professionals, by professionals. PPS Short-Term Insurance (STI) has the bespoke insurance solutions for you.

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The products you’ll be able to offer include the following:

Home and Car Insurance to safeguard the assets of PPS members

Business Insurance to protect and provide risk management

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Whether you’re a financial planner or an independent financial adviser, through us you’ll be able to offer holistic financial advice while also providing PPS members and clients with a valid will to cater for their loved ones at the time of death.

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Our fiduciary services include:

Drafting and safe custody of wills to ensure you leave a legacy in line with your wishes

Estate, trust and beneficiary administration

Trust administration to protect your assets and ensure that your legacy is preserved for future generations

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Adviser Product Intro 5

As an accredited PPS adviser, you will have access to PPS Specialist Support Services (S3). The S3 team will provide you with the support you need to help build and grow your  value proposition, allowing you to manage your practice more efficiently and enhance your client relationships.

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We offer professional services in the following areas:

Business and estate planning to help assist the structure of your business and estate

Financial and retirement planning

Tax planning to ensure tax efficiency

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