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Parterning with Rise Against Hunger Africa

Employee Volunteerism is encouraged and strongly supported by the PPS Foundation. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 lockdown employee volunteers could not be on the ground to assist those in need. But, the spirit of community is in our DNA and the philosophy and way of life called Ubuntu came more alive than ever before during the lockdown. We rose to the challenge and still managed to support eight organisations with pre-packed food parcels in partnership with Rise Against Hunger Africa.

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Brian Nell – Chief Executive Officer: RAHA

Rising Against SA’s Hunger Crisis Plaguing Students

There is a common perception that being a university student means that you are part of the elite and could not possibly suffer from hunger. But this is a myth. Most South Africans live below the poverty line and it is no surprise that student hunger is a huge problem throughout the country’s higher education institutions. The issue is one that gets in the way of affected students achieving their true potential. In all honesty, how can we expect of a hungry student to learn, never mind succeed?

Rise Against Hunger Africa (RAHA) and the PPS Foundation have partnered in the fight against malnutrition in underprivileged students for four years now. Every year the partnership gets stronger and more effective, says RAHA CEO Brian Nell.

“Because of our partnership we now know who needs our assistance most and where they are. This knowledge helps us to make the biggest impact possible.”

In terms of how the PPS Foundation and RAHA support each other, Brian explains that the organisations are constantly monitoring the needs of students at various universities around the country. In the event of an emergency or when reports of students in need arise, both parties are quick to react and assist. “There is a common understanding of the requirements and expected outcomes of the PPS Foundation and RAHA, and we can implement confidently and effectively.”

Through the assistance of the PPS Foundation, RAHA can distribute meals in all nine provinces around the country. This has had a significant impact in areas that receive very little to no support.

RAHA hopes to meet its sustainable development goal to end hunger by 2030. The PPS Foundation plans to join and support the organisation in meeting this ambitious goal. For people wanting to support university students alongside the PPS Foundation, Brian implores that you make direct donations to the Foundation on https://ppsfoundation.pps.co.za/. The funds will go a long way in driving programmes dedicated to supporting students.

“Arranging fundraising events and highlighting the plight and struggle of students who do not have access to nutritious meals is key in creating awareness. People involved with universities can also notify RAHA of the food situation for us to try to assist.”


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DISCLAIMER: All group photos used in the publication were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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