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Tiffany Boesch – Chief Financial Officer

Donate! Small Acts of Kindness Make a Big Difference

The world community and global economy continues to face the prodigious challenge posed by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. “It impacts everyone but it is the disadvantaged among us that suffer most,” says Tiffany Boesch, Chief Financial Officer at PPS. She stresses that small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

“We live in extraordinary times and understand that it is both emotionally and financially stressful for our members and their families. There are many asks on our limited resources. However, there are others who are in less fortunate positions than we are. It is important that we remember the impact that a small donation could have on someone else’s life.”

As with any business facing a tough year such as 2020, the PPS Foundation and PPS Group had to review the strategic plans that were in place and make sure that they were still appropriate given the circumstances.

Fortunately, PPS was able to ensure that there was no reduction in the donations that PPS

Insurance, as the primary sponsor, made to the Foundation, despite the prevailing environment.

“It certainly comes as no surprise that COVID-19 had a significant financial impact on the Life Insurance side of the PPS Group due to the additional sickness and death claims that were paid to members. However, wherever the PPS Group could, it undertook to honour its commitments to the PPS Foundation as these directly impact individuals’ lives,” says Tiffany.

“The impact of the Foundation’s work does not stop on the PPS premises. The change that is hoped for expands beyond the scope of the PPS Foundation. You can be part of the change. A modest offering of your time today could make all the difference in helping someone achieve their perfect potential; whether by volunteering in one of the PPS Foundation’s projects or guiding a graduate’s first steps into the working world as a mentor. It is about developing and building the future of our nation. Because ultimately, success is better shared.”


Invest in the next generation’s boundless potential today!


DISCLAIMER: All group photos used in the publication were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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