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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

by Nelson Mandela


Take control of your child’s future education needs if you pass away, become disabled or suffer a severe illness.

Cover for the entire educational journey

Includes optional benefits to fund costs over and above tuition fees and educational necessities

A variety of institutions

The child can attend school anywhere in the world, and tertiary education at any PPS listed international university

Access to profit share

Direct profit allocation to the PPS Profit-Share Account

Benefits Title

With your education cover you get great key benefits that automatically apply from day one

Product Benefit1

Tuition fees

Pre-primary school of one year public school up to R35 412, private school up to R76 727 per year.

Primary school of seven years public school up to R35 412, private school up to R112 139 per year.

Secondary school of five years public school up to R41 314, private school up to R123 943 per year.

Tertiary education of six years locally up to R53 118, internationally up to R1.3 million per year.

Product Benefit2

Necessities benefit

School uniforms, stationery, textbooks for a yearly lump-sum amount: School level = R17 706, Tertiary level = R11 804

Career Counselling in Grade 11 Necessities benefit for counselling sessions of R1 180

Residential fees during tertiary education

Necessities benefit for a yearly lump sum of R41 314

Product Benefit3


If your child excels at sport or a cultural activity (provincial/national level) while in primary or secondary school, PPS will boost the necessities benefit by an additional 25%. PPS recognises that special equipment and travel is required to compete at this level.

PPS’s research shows that education inflation can easily be more than 3% higher than headline inflation. PPS’s Education Cover will escalate yearly in line with education inflation.

Optional benefits

Additional Benefit 1

Nursery & Pre-school up to five years old

Pay the actual yearly nursery & pre-school tuition fees up to R40 000

Additional Benefit 2

Other During School

Extra benefit for a yearly lump-sum amount that you choose (for Pre-primary, Primary & Secondary School you can choose R10 000, R30 000 or R50 000) with the Extra Benefit.

Additional Benefit 3

School trips

Pay the actual costs of trips and camps with the School trips benefit.

Primary School = up to R50 000 total, Secondary School = up to R50 000 total

Additional Benefit 4

Matric benefit

A once-off lump sum in Grade 12 of R35 000 to cover the costs of the Matric farewell, Matric vacation or getting ready to move out of the house (furniture and appliances)

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